February 7, 2013

He's On My List

Ya know, the super bowl was pretty cool.  

We had a little party at my brother in laws house.  Delicious snacks, playing on my phone, BEYONCE (Hello, could she be more talented!? No.), and playing around with my ladies doing things like this:

So yeah, great day.  

Things went south real fast when this commercial popped up on the screen:

Dammit Paul.  

How many of these awful movies do I have to sit through in order to see your handsome face on the big screen?  

I mean really....Fast & Furious 6!?  SIX?

Cars, action, muscles, Vin Deisel, lameness...they're just not my thing.  But for you, Paul Walker, I'll buy that ticket and suffer through it.  (But we're kind of fighting.  Just know that.)


Also this video I just found made me laugh so hard.  I totally remember this kids game show that he was on when he was younger.  I'm sure at one point I hoped I could be on it arguing with one of my sibs.  *faux fighting- fist in the air* 

My favorite part "Big Bites!"  "Big Bites!"


  1. Yes I just watched that whole video. Yes it brings back memories of watching it back then. Yes I loves the puffalumps commercial.