December 11, 2012

Macklemore and More

For my birthday that lovely husband of mine surprised me and stole me away for an a little staycation.

First of all B man clearly knows me well because he got me tickets to see Macklemore & Ryan Lewis.  You don't understand how my soul sings when I hear hip hop music.  (cue the angels singing...ahhh) No seriously.  I just loooove it.

I was blown away by Macklemore.  So passionate, inspiring, honest, and funny on the stage.  And it was such a fun dance party.

I got chills when they performed Same Love.  It's such a beautiful song.  I think I've listened to it like 30 times in the last two days.

Sometimes inspiration to be a better person and to see the world through someone else's eye comes from somewhere like church and other times it comes from a rap song.  Just sayin.

And while we're talking about the weekend, here are some more highlights. 

Homemade cards from sweet baby girls.  Nothing better.  

Before we left on our little staycation I was treated to breakfast at "Cafe Sugar Rush".  The blueberry pancakes with fresh whipped cream were divine, and the service was top notch.

Our first stop after we dropped our little ladies off at Sommer's house was Meditrina.  One of the best restaurants in Salt Lake.  Hands down, delicious.  Shout out to my beautiful friend Kaki for finding this gem.  When a foodie like her tells you about a restaurant, you listen and listen hard and then eat.

It snowed all night while we were at the hotel so we woke up to this beautiful winter wonderland.  

And lastly, that sneaky little Brandon, arranged to have my bestest buddy-cousin Abby take me to dinner while he orchestrated a little surprise cake party with my family.  

I felt so loved, and spoiled and appreciated all weekend.  I have the most amazing family and friends.  I love them all so much.  

What more can a girl ask for?

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