February 20, 2013

Shine On You Crazy Diamond

It was a typical day in the Bogar house, the other day.

The girls were running around the house playing with a couple of our little neighbor friends.  In the midst of doing laundry I got a call from Sienna for help.  Actually it was more of a cry.  She desperately wanted a dress out of Addie's closet.  I got it down for her, and her sobs turned into giggles of delight as I helped her put it on.

The next couple minutes I just sat and watched her sweet little two year old face beam with pride.  She was glowing.  There was no question that Sienna was feeling beautiful, proud, and alive.

The dress was 3 sizes too big for her,  her hair had that "I've spent my afternoon somersaulting around the couch" look about it, she had soap residue wiped across her face (because ya know...she had just stripped down naked and escaped into the bathtub for a "dry" shower wiping soap and shampoo all over her body, and we hadn't washed it off yet.) and to top off the look she was wearing Addie's snow boots.

By most standards the girl looked a hot mess. She didn't care what anyone else in that room thought, she felt alive.  She didn't care that she didn't know any great dance moves, or that there was no music on, she started to dance anyway.  And she danced all over the room giggling and smiling the whole time.  Nothing mattered from the outside because on the inside she was at peace with herself.

The truth is she was SO beautiful, crazy hair and all because her heart is so pure, and joy was exuding from her.  All I could think was "man I love my babies so much".

And to my babies, I hope you always remember how perfect you are, just the way God made you.  

Shine on you crazy diamonds!


  1. I've been thinking along similar lines this week and have also considered writing about it. Where, along the way, have many of us lost that excitement and confidence in ourselves? One of the twins last week was looking at herself in the mirror after I had applied "marshmallow powder" (a sparkly, scented, lick-able powder I bought in a moment of weakness), when she exclaimed, "I am just so ADORABLE! Look at me, I look FABULOUS!" Granted, I don't always feel so great about myself, but when I do- I wish I would embrace and revel in it like The Littles do.

    1. Yeah it really made me think as I sat there and watched her. I wondered at what point I started listening more to "the worlds" point of view instead of my own heart. Kids aren't comparing themselves to anyone else and so it's so easy for them to do and believe what FEELS right and to love themselves for who they are. I don't want them to ever lose that.