February 22, 2013

Fret No More My Pet

If you can measure the greatness of a day based on how many times you did or didn't break down and cry, I'd say today was a pretty sucky day.

There are a few things that keep me sane everyday and without them my days spiral out of control. Like, no joke. Vroom, down the shoot they go...

We have all been sick, and then better and then sick and then better, over and over and over again. Wahh, I know. This seems to have been the case for everyone this year so I should shut my mouth about it. (Keyword: should) But I mean come on, flu, colds, strep throat, sinusitis, flu again, ear infections, more ear infections, colds again, sinusitis again, and pityriasis rosea all in the last month and a half. Make it stop!

Obviously I'm dying. I'm on my way out and these are the subtle clues my body is giving me. I hear you body, I hear you. I'm writing up the obituary as we speak. And don't worry you faithful obituary readers, I'll be sure to include the cause of death because what fun is an obituary without a detailed explanation.

And by the way, somebody get me a lounge chair and People magazine STAT, so we can also say I died doing what I love.

So anyway back to my point. Today sucked. We didn't go to the gym, (Ruh rohh, there goes the first drop of sanity) stuck in the house all day again (oh boy, watch out for Laurel, she ain't no homebody. Things could get ugly.), feeling sick, sick kids, crying kids, and kids that were actually pretty good and sweet for being sick (which is the worst of all because then you feel horribly guilty for not being the perfect mother they deserve), and no relief in sight because B Dog is out of town.

But now it's the end of the day. The girls are in bed and the house is peaceful and quiet and suddenly I can't imagine why everything felt so hopeless. Every minute that I enjoy a bit of silence a drop of sanity comes trickling back and I feel a little bit ashamed that I wasn't stronger.

But I will take comfort in the thought of what Addie said to me as I tucked her into bed. The beautiful reassurance only a kindergartner can offer. She said to me..."Uh, why did you kick that cup!? For a second I thought whoa my mom turned into a little baby today!"

And now with those sweet words I shall fret no more. 

Or maybe take a hit of Nyquil and sleep the rest of the day away. Yes, yes, that one.


  1. I love my little girl. Hope you're feeling better.

    1. Thanks Dad. Things are looking much better today. Love you!!

  2. Haha, Addie is hilarious! I am laughing and sad for you all at the same time:( Laughing because I feel all those things! When I had the flu last week I got up to change diapers, and throw some snacks on the table so they could just go at it like dogs. Haha! Not a proud mom moment. We definitely need our sanity AND health or it is that much harder to take care of our kids! Please let me take the girls next week when B is out of town again. Let me know what day. LOVE YOU!

    1. Haha. I'm so glad to hear I'm not the only one who had a few regrettable mom moments this week. It would've been really embarrassing ifanyone had seen. Addie also said at one point to Sienna "Oh brother, not again." one of the times that I cried. Haha... oops. I say we go get pedicures next week!

  3. Sweet, Laurel! I've definitely had those moments where I feel like my whole world is swallowing me up and spitting me out. Being sick or having Loves sick compounds everything, for sure. I've found looking up helps. Not necessarily in a spiritual sense, although I know that works for a lot of people, but literally up at the sky. It changes perspective. There is something comforting and awe inspiring to me to look up at the vastness of the universe. When I feel burned out and frustrated, I'm usually scurrying around with my eyes down towards the ground at little people, picking up toys,cleaning, etc. projecting my energies upwards reminds me that I am a part of something much larger than the menial tasks I am finding frustrating in the moment. You are so wonderful and such an inspiration! Chin up, girl!

  4. What a new and great idea. I can actually see that being really helpful. Ineed toreject that AND take some of your tips from yourpost the other day. Getting that "me" time and finding some adult time can be hard but it definitely saves my sanity. XOXO

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