November 6, 2012

Control is My Thing And I've Got Lots of It

You know what's great about being a parent? The fact that things always go as planned.  Its comforting to know that the more I give and love and the harder I work the more my little people will do exactly as I say.  Their minds are fairly easy to control.  They hardly have opinions at all.  Their motto is: Moms way is the right way.

Take for example yesterday.  This is precisely how I planned for Sienna's nap to go.

When I got Sienna dressed to go grocery shopping the other day this is exactly how I hoped she'd re-style herself for the day.

When I asked the girls if they wanted to listen to the Bieb's song "Boyfriend" my intention was to start a 2 year old on 6 year old sister girl fight over who's boyfriend Justin really is.

Don't be fooled.  Sienna was strictly advised to climb these pantry shelves.  Work those muscles baby.  Work it.  We feel that exercise routines are important to start at even a young age.

Ice cream for breakfast before mom even knows you're awake and out of bed?  Yes.  Hell yes.  Calcium, people.  Its loaded with the goodness of calcium.

Lets pause for just a moment so I may have the opportunity to pat myself on the back.  Control is my thing and I've got lots of it around here. 

Yeah, that might be a slight (total) stretch of the truth.

 Embracing flexibility has been the most important thing I've learned to do since I became a mom. When things happen that throw my day off (you know, like Sienna pooping her pants and wiping it all over her room to "clean" it up as I'm trying to head out the door). I sometimes want to punch somebody.  And then kick them.  And maybe punch them again. And also wipe poop all over their room.  (Have I gone too far?)  But the days when I can find the humor in the craziness, and laugh instead of cry (after cleaning up the poop, of course), those are the days I cherish.  Those are the days I will remember with fondness.  Those are the days where I hope my girls will know how much I unconditionally love them, messes, craziness and all.  

And it doesn't hurt to see sweetness like this every now and then either.

Couldn't love these precious cuties any more than I do.


  1. This post is awesome. And hilarious. While my favorite is the half-thong-diaper look, I think your take on all of it is the best.

  2. Yep. Totally a blog worth following after my blog-reading hiatus.

  3. This could be my favorite blog post ever!