November 7, 2012

L'oreal Forever Fuschia

I'm going to post this photo all over the interweb because I've discovered how much I love L'oreal's Forever Fuschia Infallible lipstick.

Its bright, bold, and vibrant and it stays on forever! I mean forever, like 6 hours. It feels rich and creamy and never drying, and it never feathers. There are tons of other pretty options in the infallible line. All of them are highly pigmented and sure to please.

(These charades are getting exhausting. Actually I just really like this picture of myself and needed a great excuse to post it. No need to mention the exhaustive filtering/photoshopping process this photo has been through.  But remember what we talked about before? We never want to clue anyone in on the real reasons we post our photos.  Okay?)

Hehehe...I'm kidding. It really is a great lipstick though.


  1. I think I'm going to steal your idea and use lipstick as a way to get my photos out there. I think a man wearing that lipstick would definitely get some attention and my pics would get lots of views! Thanks!