November 29, 2012

Did You Count Mississippily?

I got a Mystic Spray tan today and was laughing out loud to myself while I was in the booth.

If you've ever done a Mystic tan you know that there's a little booth, in a little room.  You press start and a voice begins to talk you through the process of the tan.  She, the Mystic lady, gives you all kinds of instructions like "please wait while we activate the warming phase", "please stand with your feet on the numbers 1 & 3", "turn and stand with your feet on the 2 & 4".

Well today for some reason "Mystic lady" spoke German, and I no comprende el German.  (I know, I know, that's not German.  I told you I don't speak it!)

Since I don't understand German I thought we were in the warming up phase when I heard the spraying start, so I hurried and stripped my clothes off as fast as I could and jumped in.  I made it inside fast enough that I barely missed any of that glorious mist.

As the sprayer kept spraying, the Mystic Lady just kept talking and talking, so I kept guessing and guessing, and hoping I was doing everything right.

I kept thinking someone was playing a prank on me and that I was going to turn out like Ross in that episode of Friends where he goes in for a Mystic tan.  He accidentally counted "Mississippily" and kept messing up on the instructions until he turned into a bronzed, hot mess.  Hilarity ensues...obviously.

Fingers are crossed that I'm not "an 8" on just one side.  I guess we'll see in a few hours when the tan starts developing.

You have to watch this clip from that episode.  Oh Ross Gellar , I sure miss you and your buddies.  


  1. That one is my favorite!

  2. Definitely a favorite episode! Just read through all of your blogs! Love them and your sweet family! I'm glad somebody laughs their way through life :)

    1. Thanks Christina! Life is definitely more fun when you're laughing. :)

  3. This is too funny! And results?

  4. So funny! Your blog is so cute :)

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