November 11, 2012

Did Somebody Say Makeover!?

This weekend I got to exploit Addie's makeover skills and get all dolled up.

I've never looked or felt better. Why have I never thought to paint my nose red with lipgloss!?  And stick figures drawn with lipstick across my forehead!?  Cutting edge.  Watch out Lauren Conrad there's a new beauty expert in town and her name's Adison Bogar.

And BONUS: it only cost me 200 Costa Rican colones.  (a.k.a. about 40 cents.)  

This actually was the highlight of my day.  She was laughing so hard as she applied each new hair accessory or stick figure.  :)  And she had some great commentary too.  Like when she used my eyelash curler she said "Oh your boyfriend will LOVE this".  And then she giggled her brains out.  There's nothing better than that.  

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