December 12, 2012

The Racing Heart

My heart is pounding.

The beats are getting closer and closer.  

I feel a panic in my chest like a tornado is swirling.

The tornado has a life of its own.

It's about to take flight, with my heart in tow. 


Attention to detail will save me in this moment. 

I want to give up, surrender, before this panic consumes me. 

But I press on until the mission is complete.

I made it.  

I collapse as a deep breath of relief leaves my chest. 

I overcame.  

Now can one of y'all get me a nail dryer?  Obviously I just finished a mad crazy nail painting sesh.
And dude, that almost took more focus, and attention to detail than I can typically muster up.   

Ritalin anyone?


  1. hahaha I love your Labels at the end almost as much as this post. Life can be a challenge.

    1. can be! And I'm here to talk about it. ;)