December 30, 2012


Some of you well informed folks may have heard of a cute little website called Twitter,  although most of you probably have not.

Well first of all I want to put this out there in writing...I think it's gonna be huge some day. And second, I have discovered that it's a really great place to gather and share my thoughts on all kinds of hot button topics and important issues. You might say it's my new passion. (But I'm not sure why you'd say that because I'm just now telling you about it. So you don't actually know do you?)

I'm kidding...I'm kidding. Everything I put out there is a bunch of garbage but I think it's fun garbage so for your viewing pleasure (or maybe dis) feast your eyes on my tweets... (why does that sound so dirty?)

Oh and if you're on Twitter look for me (loloelle) and we can admire each others thoughts. (For cute!)


  1. So sorry laurel!
    Love, mom

  2. If you followed kanye (first name basis now) you would love it. Problem is I can't get him to follow back!

    1. He almost NEVER responds to your tweets!? So crazy! ;)