December 26, 2012

Pizza Hopes and Sidewalk Dreams

So I'm gonna let you guys in a little secret.  

I'm a wife, I'm a mom, I do super cool things, yeah it's true but I haven't REALLY fulfilled my life's passion yet.  

Deep, deep, way deep down inside I long to throw my headphones on, blast a little Salt N Pepa all up in my ears, slip into my sexiest sweatpants, and dance my heart out like this...

Okay so these guys don't the big bucks, but so what.  Think of the calories they burn whilst dancing.  Think of the freedom they feeling just letting it all hang out. (Hopefully just figuratively, right!?  *nudge nudge*)  Not a care in the world but getting the fine folks, the passersby if you will, to enjoy a 5 BUCK PIZZA!  

But don't get me wrong you guys, I'm not doing this job unless I have a full body costume a la this guy...


I mean come on, have a little dignity you non costume wearing dancers.  Hideyoself.
Do you really want everyone knowing this is what you do for a living!?  Put on a clever coverup and hit those streets.  

One of these days I'll make my dream come true.  But for now...uh who wants a job!? 
 Not me, you sillies.  


  1. I could see you totally rocking out doing that. You should follow your dream someday!

    1. One of these days I'll get out there. The people won't even know what hit them.

  2. My daughter had a toy instrument when she was three or four; she saw the Little Ceasers rep punking out and playing guitar. She asked if she could "jam" with him. So we walked over to wear he was and asked if Jenna could assist. She was getting paid less than even he was LOL - oh, to be that age again - to enjoy life without worrying about what others might think or say

  3. In high school I was the Easter bunny at the mall. True story. Worst. Job. Ever.

  4. You've got the skills ! I've seen them ! Go for it!