March 14, 2013

Top Of The World

What a day, what a day. Y'all won't believe what's going on.

I guess you could say my blog is priiitty successful. I'm getting the most flattering comments left and right from these "anonymous" fans. I guess they like me so much they don't want to admit who they are just yet, so as not to seem like stalkers and such.

The cool thing is these anonymous worshippers can see my potential even in a post that doesn't have much content.

For example on my post where I listed some clothing for sale. It was basically just a bunch of photos of my shirts I was selling. But I guess my glowing personality and charming wit shine right through even in a post like that. Here is what one worshipper had to say:

"This paragraph is genuinely fruitful in favor to me. Please keep up the posts like this."

First of all, wow! Second, yeah!

Another reader said, in response to my clothing pictures:

"Thаnks designed fоr sharing such a nice thinking, paгagraph is niсe, thats why i have read it entirеly"

Clearly they scoured the post and truly adore me and have a fondness for grammar.

And yet another one from my clothing post:

" Heу thеre! Τhis poѕt cοuld not be written anу better! Reading thгough this рοst rеminԁs me of my previous гoom mate!Hе аlωays keρt talking about this.I will forward this aгtісlе to him.Рretty sure he will haѵe a gοod read."

And my favorite most thoughtful genuine comment of them all, on my post "If I'm Being Really Honest" the post where I confessed such things as my fondness for smelling my own farts as a child. Here is what my fan had to say:

"I really appreciate this thoughtful post. It is clear that you've spent much time researching the topic that you write about. If you aren't already a famous blogger you will certainly be one in no time."

I feel proud, so proud right now that these perfect strangers are getting all this from my posts. I will take credit though. What, so sue me, I'm confident in my skills!? I guess you could say I just have a natural knack for writing that radiates from everything I put out there into the universe.

I'm on cloud nine that my raw talent is being recognized.

Before I sign off let me just say, thank you my little lolo-ites. I know one day you'll reveal yourselves. But for now I'll just offer my thanks and say I wouldn't be here without you.


Okay, I'm kidding, I'm totally kidding. They're totally spam. But every time I get an alert on my phone and I start reading one of these "comments" my heart skips a beat for just a moment when I read such nice words. And then I realize...a shiny robot wrote it. Buuut it makes me laugh every time at how inappropriate the comments usually are for the particular post. Thanks for the laughs you silly robots, you.

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