April 15, 2013

A Day At Daybreak

Brandon has been traveling tons lately.  

He's been in New York, Orlando, and Palm Springs, the last three weeks, and Vegas this week, so it's nice to have him home for a couple of days.  

We spent our Sunday together as a family exploring the neighborhood where his parents live, Daybreak.  We fed ducks, looked for frogs, rolled down the grass hills until we got so cold we just had to go.  

Here are my Instagrams from the day.  

(If we aren't already Insty friends, find me @ lolo_elle)

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope your weekend was wonderful too.  


  1. Your hair looks absolutely GORG in that last picture! How do you keep it so healthy? I went to a new hair stylist recently and she told me to stop washing my hair with shampoo. She actually challenged me to not wash with shampoo for a whole MONTH!! Needless to say, I didn't last the week before I broke down and slathered my head from roots to tip in bubbles. Isn't there another way??

    1. Thanks!!! I go 3 or 4 days between washing mine. Sounds crazy but if you use a good dry shampoo it's totally doable. I wrote a post about my favorite. It's by Batiste and its seriously the best. (But buy the one for Brown hair.) And I sleep with coconut oil saturated into my hair one a week. It makes your hair so soft!

  2. Thank you for the recommendation on Batiste. I had never heard of a "dry" shampoo before. The coconut oil would require that I wear a shower cap to bed, I'm sure. I'll have to consider that one, as I'm not sure Pehr and I have reached "that" level yet. ;) I'll let you know how it goes! So glad that there are other options besides not washing your hair!