January 31, 2013

Five Things

In case we aren't instagram friends here are some super crucial things you'll want to know about me, like, right now. Wink, wink.

And if we aren't following each other on insta, why the bleep not!?

Find me. Username: lolo_elle.

I got tagged by a few friends to share five random facts about myself, and here they are.

《1》When I was 15 and my parents were out of town I let some cute guys from school take my moms car for a joyride. We drove all over orange county. My cousin thought for sure I was being raped and called the police and I got in a lot of trouble.

《2》I almost drowned at the beach once and had to be rescued by the lifeguard. My life literally flashed before my eyes.

《3》I love cheese. So what.

《4》I used to tape my nose down every night in hopes it would become less piggy.

《5》I always wanted to be an actress when I grew up.

I tag whoever wants to play to share some fun facts on their blog.  Be sure to let me know if you do!


  1. oh high school. I dont think it is complete without a moment like that. I had a couple of my own!